ANCHITA, 14kt Rose Gold, Cluster Diamond Ring


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One jewelry item that is still trendy and will never go out of the trend is diamonds. After all, diamonds have always been on the top preference of a person just because of the sheer beauty, stylishness and urbane look that comes with them. Diamonds come in a range of patterns as well as shapes and sizes. One style, specifically, that has always been all the rage is the cluster diamond ring.

One of the most cherished and the best-selling cluster diamond ring is ANCHITA, which is a constellation of brown diamonds that are bunched together in the middle. This gives the ring a really beautiful and classy look and furnishes a person wearing it with delight and complete satisfaction. The style and design of the ring give the person an additional outstanding look, as not only are customers wearing lots of little diamonds experience an amazing look but they are also wearing a gorgeous stone too, perhaps one that means something to them such as their own birthstone.

Discussing the characteristics of ANCHITA, the ring features 14kt Rose Gold with a weight of 1.570 and 10 brown diamond pieces that are etched in the middle of the ring. With such a classiness etched in the ring with so much perfection, you won’t regret buying ANCHITA for your sweetheart on any special occasion just to gratify her.