Dacey, 14kt Rose Gold Ring, Brown Diamonds Ring


Occasions- Chocolatte
Brand- Praadis



Set in 14 Kt Rose Gold (2.775 gms) with 20 White diamonds (0.12 Ct) and 5 Brown diamonds (0.22 Ct)


Gold Information

114 Kt Rose2.775NA

Diamond Information

#ClarityShapeSetting TypeTotal Piece(s)WeightColor
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One of the most sought-after engagement rings in the market include gold diamond rings. Top priority is given to diamonds because the natural stone reflects unrivaled power, strength and eternal love and commitment. In addition to exuding brilliance and timeless beauty, diamonds appeal to most people since it is durable and is very suave.

Valuable diamonds have the intrinsic property to seamlessly fit into gold. That is the reason, why the diamonds gold rings are so common in the market. The highlight of these rings is that they never go out of styles.

Dacey is one of the exquisite gold and diamond rings and is an epitome of supreme luxury and grandeur. The ring features 14kt rose gold ring and brown diamond ring. The ring is studded with 20 white diamonds (.12 ct) and 5 brown (0.22 ct) and is available in the sizes ranging from 5 to 8. You will never be wrong if you buy DACEY for your darling girl or woman in your life.

Additional information


14 Kt Rose


5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8