DARLINA, 14 Kt Rose Gold, White diamonds Cluster Earings


Occasion- Chocolatte
Brand- Praadis



Set in 14 Kt Rose Gold (5.29 gms) with 98 White diamonds (0.73 Ct) and 18 Brown diamonds (0.49 Ct)

Gold Information

# Purity/Metal Weight Certificate
1 14 Kt Rose 5.29 NA

Diamond Information

# Clarity Shape Setting Type Total Piece(s) Weight Color
1 IJ-Si Rounded Prong 98 0.73 White
2 IJ-Si Rounded Prong 18 0.49 Brown

Cluster Diamond Earings


A diamond cluster ring has today become one of the most preferred types of ear rings that can be bought and presented to your beloved one on an exclusive occasion such as a wedding anniversary, birthday, graduation etc. Cluster earrings typically appear large and sophisticated if they contain a small carat count, which sports an unmatched quality if you are on a budget for your engagement ring. A cluster ring can also be a wonderful anniversary ring too if you want to bestow the jewelry item on someone very special to you.

DARLINA is an extremely beautiful and amazing piece of earring that you will hold dear without a second thought in mind. It is a refined piece of jewelry that comes set in 14 kt Rose Gold (5.29 gms) studded with 98 white diamonds and 18 brown diamonds (0.49 ct). If you buy DARLINA from Praadis, it comes with Purity/Metal Weight Certificate to give you the assurance of having bought an authentic and peerless jewelry item. Your recipient’s joy will know no bounds to receive this great legacy from you.

Additional information


14 Kt Rose


5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8