EVER ROYAL EARRINGS, 14 Kt White Gold, Diamond Earrings


Occasion- White Gold

Brand- Praadis

Set in 14 Kt White Gold (7.50 gms) with 156 White diamonds (1.90 Ct)
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Gold Information
114 Kt White7.5NA
Diamond Information
#ClarityShapeSetting TypeTotal Piece(s)WeightColor


Many people like to go with a stone that matches either their eyes or what they’re wearing. You can find green gemstone earrings, red gemstone stud earrings, pearl and blue gemstone earrings, cocktail earrings, or even multicolor gemstone clip earrings. Once you have decided what color you want your earrings to be, you should decide what style you want in your cocktail earrings. There are several different kinds that are made by jewelers like Praadis. There are different types of cocktail earrings to choose from all with different kinds of stones and stone settings to go with anything you are wearing.

What do you guess looking at EVER ROYAL EARRINGS? Don’t you find it a bit different cocktail earring, in terms of size and design? If yes, this imposing earring is the thing you will want to get your hands on. Close your eyes and buy EVER ROYAL EARRINGS without a second thought. This jewelry item is set in 14 kt white gold and is studded with 156 white diamonds. The shape of EVER ROYAL EARRINGS is round and is available in pure white color. At Praadis, we are selling it only for $14,100, so you can buy it for wearing it on a personal basis or want to present to someone very close and special to you.

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14 Kt White