LYRA Cluster Earrings, 14Kt Rose Gold, White and Brown Diamonds


Occasion- Chocolatte

Brand- Praadis

Set in 14 Kt Rose Gold (3.12 gms) with 56 White diamonds (0.34 Ct) and 18 Brown diamonds (0.32 Ct)
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Gold Information
114 Kt Rose3.12NA
Diamond Information
#ClarityShapeSetting TypeTotal Piece(s)WeightColor

Diamonds have the most alluring effect to grip the attention of women right away. So whether it involves earrings, rings or any other jewelry item, diamond jewelry items serve as the supreme gift that can spruce up a girl’s personality. These jewelry items are sought-after by every woman because they are the multipurpose pieces of jewelry. Take, for example, a wedding, an engagement or even a birthday, these cluster ear rings are the thing to be gifted to your recipient and win her trust and confidence more. They can also be teamed up with any outfit be it an evening gown or even a casual pair of jeans. They can directly transform any attire into a more stylish one in no time!

LYCRA Cluster earrings are unequivocal ear rings that that come set in 14 kt Rose Gold (3.12 grams) studded with 56 white diamond and 18 brown diamonds. Just having a one-time look at the jewelry item will prompt you to buy it at once. The exquisiteness of LYCRA Cluster earrings is simply unmatched and you will love to wear or gift this branded jewelry item to your loved one. The available size of the ring ranges from 5 to 8. But LYCRA Cluster Earrings from Praadis and stand yourself out from others.

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14 Kt Rose