MABEL, 14Kt Rose Gold, White & Brown diamonds Cluster Ring


Occasions- Chocolatte
Brand- Praadis



Set in 14 Kt Rose Gold (3.937 gms) with 52 White diamonds (0.33 Ct) and 27 Brown diamonds (0.62 Ct)


Gold Information

114 Kt Rose3.937NA

Diamond Information

#ClarityShapeSetting TypeTotal Piece(s)WeightColor


With the passage of time, diamond rings have become larger, more sophisticated and have earned more uses in a wider range of making jewelry. Diamond rings are specifically a rage among women in a range of occasions such as birthdays, engagements, or the wedding day. The kernel of diamond rings with its use as an engagement rings incidentally is the fact that you are the true lover of your fiancé and with this in mind, he has considered buying and presenting this unique gift to you. It is well said that diamonds last forever, which sounds true, so while you buy a diamond ring, it means you have chosen the rings that stand for a commitment in a relationship.

For those who are fond of wearing diamond rings, these rings are a perfect fit for any outfit. The type of diamond that you choose will in certain cases, demarcate on what types of clothes that you put on. However, a universal cluster ring, which is an amalgamation of gold and diamonds, is MABEL, which is set in 14 kt Rose Gold (3.937gms) with white diamonds (0.33 ct) and brown diamonds (0.62 ct). Mabel is a rounded ring, which weighs only 3. 937 gms. The ring is studded with 52 white diamonds and 27 brown diamonds (0.62 ct). MABEL costs only $ 6, 200 only on

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14 Kt Rose


5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8