MABEL, 14 Kt Rose Gold, White diamonds Earrings


Occasions- Rose Gold
Brand- Praadis



Set in 14 Kt Rose Gold (4.323 gms) with 60 White diamonds (0.49 Ct) and 18 Brown diamonds (0.57 Ct)

Gold Information

# Purity/Metal Weight Certificate
1 14 Kt Rose 4.323 NA

Diamond Information

# Clarity Shape Setting Type Total Piece(s) Weight Color
1 IJ-Si Rounded Prong 60 0.49 White
2 IJ-Si Rounded Prong 18 0.57 Brown



The ultimate gift that you will like to bestow on your wife-to-be or girlfriend are rings and there are lots of varieties and patterns involved with the diamond rings. You can choose the large and rectangle-shaped diamond ring that is typically called Baguette. Next on the list are round-shaped cluster diamond earrings that are awesomely etched into gold or platinum. These cluster earrings, like any other earrings, come in several different designs and varieties that will appeal to a woman at first glance.

One of the cluster earrings that we have included in our wide-ranging collection of earrings include MABEL, which is a 14 Kt Rose Gold and comes set in 14 kt Rose Gold (4.23 grams) and 60 white diamonds and 18 brown diamond etched into gold.

MABEL comes with Purity/Metal Weight Certificate, which guarantees that the gold used in the making of the jewelry item is authentic and the weight as mentioned on the website is accurate. So if you want to electrify your wife-to-be or girlfriend then you can opt for the MABEL, which is available for only $6,950.00.

Additional information


14 Kt Rose


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