TRIPLE MODERN DANGLINGS, 14kt White Gold, Diamond Danglings


Occasion- White Gold

Brand- Praadis

Set in 14 Kt White Gold (11.00 gms) with 258 White diamonds (2.70 Ct)



Gold Information
114 Kt White11NA
Diamond Information
#ClarityShapeSetting TypeTotal Piece(s)WeightColor


Danglers are not the newest earrings in the market but they have been for a long time, however, revisions (in terms of style, design, and pattern) have taken place in the jewelry item over the years. The basic characteristic of these specific types of earrings is that it hangs under the earlobe by piercing it. The chain or wire typically used toward it is hooked to the beads, stones otherwise charms is flexible plus loose. A hook is the standard hanger to ensure elegance, the metal piece is instrumental in facilitating the movement. It can be a distinct strand or diversify into so many.


Now let us focus on Triple Modern Danglings, a 14 Kt white gold, diamond danglings, which is an exquisite set of earrings made of white gold and diamond danglings. This unique set of earrings come set in 14 kt (11.00 grams) with 258 white diamond stones studded around it. Triple Modern Danglings is a jewelry item exemplary of unique style and classiness. You can wear Triple Modern Danglings to inject a new life into your personality and make you look outstanding. We urge you to buy Triple Modern Danglings from our website Praadis for only $20,250.00.




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14 Kt White