Bracelet is an accessory that is worn around the wrist and is made of metal, cloth or leather. There are many types of bracelets but the two main categories are men’s bracelets and women’s bracelets. The bracelets for women are mostly colorful and decorative while bracelets for men are sophisticated and less colorful. Wearing a bracelet has been quite common among young females but over the past few years, the trend has become popular among guys too.

Also, when it comes to bracelets, they are designed for women from different backgrounds—whether she is a homemaker, an executive, a student etc. The bangles such as COSMIC, ELISIHA, EVIE, PALMUS, ASYA and KATE we have manufactured and paraded on our website are generally made of Rose Gold. These bangles feature extraordinary sumptuousness. You can put on these accessories anytime, anywhere and over any kind of outfit and rest assured that these accessories will help you make a style statement. Wear our extremely stylish bangles to look as if you have come out of a bandbox!

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