Of all the pieces of jewelry that are worn today, next to rings, the earring probably the most worn. There are many different styles of earrings from diamond earrings to gold earrings and even gold hoop earrings. The change in the fashion trend in recent years has made earrings an important fashion accessory for both men and women. Earrings may vary greatly in price depending on the quality of materials that are used in their creation

Earrings are probably the most versatile piece of jewelry you own. They can be worn on a formal affair such as chandelier earrings, which you would wear to on a prom or formal wedding, or stud earrings that can be worn with casual wear. The right pair of earrings such as Chanel earrings, with their many designs, will dress up the most casual wear. Dichroic glass earrings, which are handcrafted, will accessorize any outfit, whether it is a fancy dress or a casual pantsuit. You can get a dichroic glass earring in almost any variety of colors that will go with anything you wear.

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