Rings come in a variety of price ranges. When buying a ring with a stone such as a diamond, the stone makes up the majority of the price. The larger the stone, the higher price the ring will be. It makes one think of a ring bling. The type of metal that makes up the ring also affects the price. A silver ring is going to cost a lot less than a gold ring. For this reason, many choose to purchase sterling silver rings. Sterling silver has become such a popular style that you will find sterling silver jewelry in every leading jewelry store. Although there are different kinds of silver rings, the most common are the sterling silver ring varieties.

Another type of ring that has been very popular throughout the years is the class ring. Class rings are a ring that a high school student can buy from a ring company during their preliminary or advanced years of school. You can usually have your choice of stone and the year of your graduation and initials are on the ring around the stone. Most students look forward to being able to purchase a class ring as a symbol of their great and memorable high school years. Often a boy will give a girl his class ring to wear if they begin a relationship as a couple. For years, this has been known as “going steady”.

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