We all constitute a powerful bond with our near and dear ones and with this in mind, we often find opportunities to express our apparent love and other special emotions to them. In order to magnify the extent of our emotions, the need for a singular gift on special events cannot be subdued but, in fact, is a must. So whether it is a graduation ceremony, a wedding day, a wedding anniversary, a birthday etc. A gift can do miracles for you by bringing sparkles in the eyes of the recipient and bringing him/her closer to you. And the most exquisite gift that you will like to bestow on your sweetheart is no other than jewelry!

The hectic pace of the busy world is one of the most solid reasons to inhibit people from moving store to store to find the like-minded jewelry for a specific occasion. Nevertheless, those who make a move to the physical jewelry store generally come back with a long face for not having found the desired jewelry item, as it is not a feasible thing there. From bad to worse, they end up paying a higher amount for the item that is actually below the mark in terms of quality or excellence.







Pendant Collection

Unique Jewels

The rarest jewels in our collection, from High Jewellery to famous diamonds.


Unique Jewels

The rarest jewels in our collection, from High Jewellery to famous diamonds.



PRAADIS Luxury Division Inc., in New Jersey, USA is a leading online fine jewelry brand dealing in Diamonds, Color stones and Pearls in a vast range of designs, styles, patterns etc. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing rings, earrings, pendants, bangles etc. which are made of pristine white and brown diamonds and gold. We also have a subcategory of the jewelry items for you to choose from such as rose gold diamond ring, white gold and diamond earringswhite diamond pendant, brown diamond bracelet, white diamond bracelet.

At PRAADIS Luxury Division Inc., our collection of jewelry is targeted towards both genders and people of all age groups. That means you will find options for jewelry for men, jewelry for women and for kids as well. So just start diamond jewelry online shopping and online gold and diamond jewelry shopping at PRAADIS Luxury Division Inc. and enjoy a happy and relaxed online jewelry shopping.

Lifetime Exchange

We provide lifetime exchange on our diamond jewelry to our customers. We believe in building long-term relations.


We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality and exclusive jewelry designs to our customers.

On Ethics

We do not comprises on ethics. We always take care of our standards. Our customers are truly diamonds for us.


We are certified with more than 10 major global certifications. We always follow the global jewelry standards.

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